Friday, June 29, 2012

Eros Shrugged?

Eros Shrugged?

More Than Capital on Strike...
Green Line - Total Liquid Assets | Red Line - Count of Births
Sources: Federal ReserveCDC

...ever since the recession and Obama took office, capital has essentially been on strike...

Wall Street Journal
June 7, 2012
Companies Sitting on Much Less Cash Than First Thought
...As of the end of March, nonfinancial corporations had $1.74 trillion in liquid assets on their balance sheets, $12.6 billion more than at the end of the year. A decade ago they had barely $1 trillion on hand.

...and according to the CDC, Cupid is apparently too...

NCHS Health E-Stat
Recent Trends in Births and Fertility Rates Through December 2011
The provisional count of births in the United States for 2011 was 3,961,000, 1 percent lower than the 4 million births for 2010 (4,000,279) (Figure) (1,2). The number of births has steadily declined from the all-time high of 4,316,233 in 2007 (2), however, the rate of decline slowed from 2010 to 2011.

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